Building a New Treehouse

From an early age, I loved building things. Even Living Home’s original logo was our take on the project every kid tries to tackle, a treehouse.

When the idea of rebranding Living Home came up, I wasn’t ready — too much history and too many memories tied to the original. It morphed and shifted over the years, but only slightly. We knew it was probably time for a change, but our hearts weren't ready. 

After the initial reluctance, we circled back to some of the concepts local design firm Third Sun developed for us. It took a few refinements, some peer consultation, and an informal focus group, but we finally landed on the logo you see today.

Our goal with a new look was to create a brand that felt both updated and also better communicated the evolution of Living Home over the last 12 years. In the early days, we were just scraping by — building decks, taking any job we could get, but always dedicated to quality craftsmanship, a passion for building, and a belief that long hours and good relationships would lead to long-term success. Today, we are proud to employ a team of nine skilled professionals. We work with subcontractors who share our vision and work ethic. And we team up with designers and architects we trust and respect.

 LH new2x

This logo may not seem like a monumental change, but that’s partially the point. We still wanted to look like Living Home. Yet to us, the shift is significant. We introduced the new colors and type last year, but today we unveil the new mark. It leans modern, but the pitched roof bridges the gap to more traditional design, much like the range of work we do across the Salt Lake Valley and in Park City.

Our favorite part, however, goes back to our roots. Some might see leaf veins in the house, others might see a fir tree. Either way, it’s meant to show the connection between the built world and the natural environment around it with a nod to the sustainable practices we strive to incorporate into our company. 

Yet at its core, it still brings me back to my childhood and the projects that started me down this path.