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Building Together: with Scott Beck from Distinct Lighting & Electrical

Building Together: with Scott Beck from Distinct Lighting & Electrical

We are continuing our ongoing series where our collaborators and partners share in their own words what it’s like to work with Living Home. The series was created because we often talk about what we value and what we do, but we felt it would be interesting to share a different perspective on our work. For our second installment, we sat down to talk with Scott Beck from Distinct Lighting & Electrical.

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Tell us about Distinct Lighting & Electrical.

I wanted to see what we could do with lighting and how it plays a big part in the architecture in some of these older homes. A lot of time we are  spending a lot of time and money rewiring a home but at the end of the day, it’s an investment but the homeowner just sees a new light fixture or maybe a light switch for that investment versus seeing a new floor, or countertops or new appliances, so I wanted to create something that gave the owner more of that eye candy. I wanted to visually create something for the owner to see. With the architecture of older homes, you don’t want to do something generic, it takes away from the design era, I wanted to add to that instead of taking it away.

How long have you been working with Living Home Construction?

It’s been about 10 to 12 years. The first job was a bathroom, and from there we just continued to build a relationship.

What is the experience like when you work with Living Home?

Living Home has been one of the most organized construction companies that we’ve worked with. The type of projects that we do are not cut and dry, there are always plan changes and schedule shifts. The communication stream always seems to be flowing, which is nice, information is giving to us as fast as possible. Overall, Living Home Construction & Design is great to work with, definitely our favorite.

Is there anything else that sets them apart from other companies that you’ve worked with?

Attention to detail, how the project is managed, how the subcontractors are treated as a whole, I feel working at Living Home Construction & Design is a team environment. I know who the plumber is, I know who the HVAC guy is, we all know each other and we can effectively work together to build a project. I would say the biggest thing that I notice is that we all have that same mindset while working on a project together. A lot of the time we are building the clients dream home and we can successfully build that project as a team, its not just the framer, its not just the electrician. It’s all of us working collectively as a whole and that’s where I feel Living Home Construction & Design stands out.

What has been your favorite project with Living Home?

I’ve enjoyed a few of them, I really like it when there is freedom for us to do what we do really well which is creating enough light for a space. There was one project where we had a lot freedom with the designer and input with what was going on collectively as a whole for that house, it was really fun.

My favorite part of working on a job is the client interaction and building a lighting design layout, it’s really fun for me to look at the space with the designer to figure out how we can really create an atmosphere and style in the space collectively.

>> Visit their website to learn more about Distinct Lighting & Electrical and see their work.