• Step 1: Consult
    Initial Consultation

    The design process begins with an initial consultation with our team and a walk-through of your project site.

    During this phase, we will discuss your needs, ideas, concerns and priorities for the project and give you feedback on how best to incorporate these into your design. We may also discuss your project budget in order to best determine the project scope that will most fit within your resources.

  • Step 2: Design & Estimate
    Design & Estimate

    Once we have an understanding of your project's unique needs and scope, we collaborate with your architect and provide an estimate.

    We team up with the best designers and architects to create detailed concept drawings of your project. Estimating is a process and we work directly with our clients through the initial bid to a detailed final estimate that will best match your project scope and needs, including line item estimates of all costs involved.

  • Step 3: Construct

    Once the final design and budget for your project are completed, we move on to the construction phase.

    Taking time with to collaborate with your architect during the design phase results in a much more efficient construction experience.

    Living Home Construction & Design really shines in attention to detail and quality construction as well as our ability to integrate the construction process non-intrusively into your living space. During this process, we go out of our way to make sure your home and living experience is honored during the job. We take a lot of care in how we treat your house, your family and your ability to maintain life while we work toward completion of your project.

    Weekly job meetings ensure your needs are being met and that you are aware of any and all changes and future plans through each step of the construction process.

  • Step 4: Follow-up & Ongoing Consultation
    Ongoing Consultation

    Our clients are important to us so we nurture and maintain long term relationships with all of our clients.

    Although your project will come to a completion, we want to ensure that you remain satisfied with the work and enjoy living in your new space.