• From an early age, I loved building things. Even Living Home’s original logo was our take on the project every kid tries to tackle, a treehouse.

    When the idea of rebranding Living Home came up, I wasn’t ready — too much history and too many memories tied to the original. It morphed and shifted over the years, but only slightly. We knew it was probably time for a change, but our hearts weren't ready. 

  • We recently wrapped up an elegant remodel in Federal Heights. You can see the before and after pictures from Scott Zimmerman in our portfolio.

  • Size, as the upper echelon of the architecture and design community will attest, does not dictate everything. Sometimes modest spaces present the most innovative opportunities — whether it’s a new, sustainably-designed structure or a creative remodeling project.

  • Living Home Construction & Design was featured in Utah Style & Design recently for its role in the Wilmington Gardens Town Home project with Cody Beal of Dunker|Beal Interior Design.